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"A friendly welcome is always important. My first 'meeting at the agency' was somewhat like being invited to a friend's house," says Will Dugdale, who is looking to buy a Château through Philip Hawkes. "Patricia Hawkes, not only content with running the business, cooks legendary lunches for an eclectic mix of friends and clients alike..." epitomising the unique tradition of Public Relations and service, Philip Hawkes style.


The French property market used to be incredibly tough to navigate, but thankfully,  Internet has changed that to some extent.  This was so because, unlike the United States and elsewhere, there is no official multiple listing system or other way to examine all property on the market at any given time in France, and, in addition, the sale process is entirely different and can be so laborious that it is essential to enlist help in selling your property.


That is where Philip Hawkes can really help you.


Oxford educated, Philip Hawkes started his professional career as an English Solicitor who transferred to Paris in 1966, to run the French office of Messrs. Oswald Hickson Collier & Co.  By providing a dependable service and discerning professionalism, only possible through long experience in the field, coupled with tenacity and dedication to our clients, the basis of the Philip Hawkes ethos is rooted in courtesy, dependability, efficiency and traditional service. Philip Hawkes with his ‘legal training’ and his English-speaking team provide an island of familiarity and comfort during these French transactions.


We believe in the same dedication to our customers whether for a charming
pied-à-terre in Paris or a majestic Château in the country.

Philip Hawkes Agency, Paris
+ 33 6 80 40 65 99 - + 33 1 42 68 11 11

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