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How can we help you?

At Philip Hawkes, our breadth and knowledge is such that we can help you with : 

No to mention help with the French language and culture, a friendly introduction to the most amazing country and its wonderful, if daunting, country folk.


We are here to hold you hand every step of the way, whether you be a buyer, a seller, a property owner look for professional advice. 


If you are a seller, we will get your property in front of the best national and international châteaux hunters and negotiate you the best market price, as well as guiding you through the complex transactional system. 

"  We operate on a triple win basis : win for the buyer, win for the seller, and above all: win for the château. With us, you're not just buying or selling a property, you are leaving a valuable mark on France's rich heritage and cultural landscape. "


Click on the relevant button below for further information on any of the above,
and please do get in touch : w
e very much look forward to help you
find your dream property or successor!  

Philip Hawkes Agency, Paris
+ 33 6 80 40 65 99 - + 33 1 42 68 11 11

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