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Valuations & Advice

The PHILIP HAWKES Agency is very happy to undertake Valuations of any appropriate residential Properties in France which are either in Paris or in the countryside. These could be needed either by families for Probate, Succession - inheritance situations, "Indivisions", for insurance or loan purposes, or to give you an idea of the price you could command, should you be thinking of selling.
Please contact PATRICIA HAWKES:  + 33 6 80 40 65 99  for Valuations of properties either in the Country or in Paris.  Fees can be discussed on a case by case basis (normally something between. €1,500  -  €3,000  +  T.V.A  depending on the complexity of the task, travelling time and expenses), but there would be no charge if the property were subsequently sold by the Agency.
For Châteaux and Country properties, the valuation would consist of a photographic record of the property, a brief description, a short commentary on the Market for similar properties, and some examples of Châteaux which have either recently sold, or are still on offer.
For Paris, the Report would include the above but without the photographs unless specifically asked for.  The obligatory “Diagnostics” are undertaken by an agreed (outsourced) ‘Diagnostiqueur” provides you with all the necessary Reports (Electricity, Termite, Lead or Asbestos, etc.), Floor Plans, and would confirm the number of square metres for the Loi Carrez.


Philip Hawkes Agency, Paris
+ 33 6 80 40 65 99 - + 33 1 42 68 11 11

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